Compassionate, caring mentors of our jail community.

Correctional Officer

Job Overview

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? This is your chance. As a jail Correctional Officer, you help people in bad situations get back on a path to better themselves. You’ll provide discipline and guidance, as well as care and compassion to help those in our jail community succeed.

In this position, you’ll be responsible for maintaining security and ensuring the safety of inmates and staff at Crow Wing County Jail.

Some of your responsibilities as a Correctional Officer will include:

  • Observing and monitoring inmate behavior, including assessing the inmates’ medical and physical conditions and intervening in physical disputes
  • Distributing essential items such as medication, mail, laundry, hygiene items, and bedding
  • Ensuring inmates have access to their attorneys, clergy, interpreters, or other equipment to accommodate special needs
  • Enforcing all rules, regulations, and policies

The Crow Wing County Jail is a 75,000 square foot jail facility that has been in operation for over a decade. The facility is comprised of six separate housing units and is designed to accommodate both male and female offenders.

The jail operates a Direct Supervision style which means that Correctional Officers are assigned posts within the areas where inmates are housed. Posts can include:

  • Booking—accept or deny inmates brought into the facility by county deputies or other law enforcement agencies and process all necessary paperwork
  • Housing—move around from cell block to cell block and interact with inmates within the different housing units
  • Transport—transport inmates to and from court hearings and medical appointments and serve as security during trials
  • Master control—operate security doors and security monitoring systems while monitoring inmates movement, incoming and outgoing phone calls, and any emergency response to the facility

In addition to their full-time roles, our Correctional Officers have the opportunity to receive specialized training and certifications as members of our special teams. These skills can be used to advance your career and transfer to a variety of law enforcement positions.

Special teams include:

  • Programs Officers
  • Classification Officers
  • Court Officers
  • Training Coordinator
  • Field Training Officers
  • Mentors
  • Peer Support Team
  • DWI/Drug Court Teams
  • Crisis Intervention Team
  • Incident Review Team
  • Drone Team
  • Crisis Negotiation Team

Our Correctional Officers have the opportunity to earn the following certifications.

  • DMT Operators
  • Less than Lethal Operators and Instructors
  • Pepperball Operators and Instructors
  • PPCT Instructors

We provide comprehensive, on-going training to ensure our correctional officers are well-trained and able to perform job functions safely and effectively.

You’ll receive 8–10 weeks of initial on-the-job training, monthly trainings on job essential topics in a wide variety of areas, as well as annual training refreshers for first aid, CPR, and defensive tactics.

Additional training opportunities include:

  • Less Lethal Operator Training
  • Pepperball Training
  • DMT Operator Training
  • BCA Courses
  • ICLD Courses
  • MSA Courses
  • Leadership Training

A position as a Crow Wing County Correctional Officer could be good fit if you:

  • Enjoy working with people and want to help them improve their lives
  • Are compassionate, caring, and want others to succeed
  • Can think on your feet and problem-solve on the fly
  • Don’t take things personally—some might say you have a thick skin
  • Listen and communicate quickly and clearly
  • Are patient and calm
  • Work hard

Those with backgrounds in customer service, construction, group homes, public affairs, bartending, or the military have shown to be successful in this role. A high school diploma and some experience with computers are required. Click “Apply Now” to learn more about the position, see our benefits, and submit your application today!